Seminar "Fields and Strings"


Fields and Strings takes place either on Tuesdays at 10:15 or on Thursdays at 14:15 in room 120 of the ExWi building.


Date Speaker Title
19.9.2017 Deb Sarkar (ITP Bern) TBA
5.10.2017 Amihay Hanany (Imperial College) TBA
10.10.2017 Marine Samsonyan (CERN) TBA
9.11.2017 Jun Nian (IHES) TBA

Past seminars:

Date Speaker Title
13.7.2017 Chong-Sun Chu (NTHU) Holography of BCFT
11.7.2017 Kentaroh Yoshida (Kyoto University) Yang-Baxter deformations and generalized supergravity
13.6.2017 Maxime Gabella BPS graphs: from spectral networks to BPS quivers
16.05.2017 Antonio Amariti (ITP Bern) 2d c-extremization from toric geometry
9.5.2017 Luca Cassia (Milano Bicocca) 4D SCFTs compactified on a Riemann surface
2.05.2017 Yuta Sekiguchi (ITP Bern) Journal Club: 1606.05632
25.4.2017 David Pirtskhalava (EPFL) Superfluids and CFT data
11.4.2017 Orestis Loukas (ITP Bern) Journal Club: 1107.3987
4.4.2017 Per Berglund (New Hampshire) A Generalized Construction of Calabi-Yau Manifolds and Mirror Symmetry
28.03.2017 Carlo Angelantonj (Torino) Strings on the Omega background. Facts and ideas
14.03.2017 Konstantinos Siampos (ITP Bern) All-loop non-abelian Thirring model
28.02.2017 Ignatios Antoniadis (ITP Bern) Aspects of string phenomenology and scale hierarchies
9.2.2017 Andreas Stergiou (CERN) Mixed Correlator 4D N=1 Superconformal Bootstrap
2.2.2017 Antonio Amariti (ITP Bern) Journal Club: 3d-3d correspondence
15.12.2016 Nezhla Aghaei (ITP Bern) Journal Club: 1605.0399, "Toda Theory From Six Dimensions"
08.12.2016 Robin Rickenbach (ITP Bern) Gauge/Bethe correspondence for spin chains with rank 2 symmetry algebra
01.12.2016 Benjamin Assel (CERN) M5-branes on an elliptic fibration
24.11.2016 Cyril Closset (CERN) The three-dimensional A-twist and supersymmetric partition functions
17.11.2016 Domenico Orlando (ITP Bern) Compensating strong coupling with large charge
10.11.2016 Samson Shatashvili (Trinity College Dublin) Gauge theory angle at integrability
03.11.2016 Antonio Amariti (ITP Bern) Exact R-symmetry from attractors in gauged supergravity
27.10.2016 Yuta Sekiguchi (ITP Bern) Basic concepts in supersymmetric gauge theories from branes
20.10.2016 Ben Hoare (ETHZ) Integrable deformations of AdS superstrings
13.10.2016 Nezhla Aghaei (ITP Bern) Quantization of super Teichmueller theory