Seminar "Fields and Strings"


In the Spring Semester 23, the seminar takes place on Tuesdays at 10:15 in room ExWi 119.


Date Speaker Title
21.02.2023 Bob Knighton (ETHZ) From symmetric product CFTs to AdS3
28.02.2023 Marco Meineri (EPFL) Defects in conformal field theory
21.03.2023 Matthew Dodelson (CERN) Zeroing in on thermal correlators
28.03.2023 Oleg Antipin (Ruder Boskovic Institute) Gauge theories at large charges
04.04.2023 Sinya Aoki (YITP) Energy (non-)conservation and an alternative conserved charge in a curved spacetime
23.05.2023 Daniill Krichevskiy (ITP Bern) Non-relativistic CFT: Fermi gas in a harmonic trap
30.05.2023 Kara Farnsworth (UniGe) Hamiltonian Truncation and Effective Field Theory
13.06.2023 Jahmall Bersini (IPMU) The θ-angle physics at finite baryon density
20.06.2023 Arnab Kundu (Saha Inst.) Driven CFT & Holography