Seminar "Fields and Strings"


In the spring semester '22, Fields and Strings takes place on select Tuesdays at 10:15 in Room 119. Partially supported by SwissMAP.


Date Speaker Title
8.3.20212 Ioannis Kalogerakis(ITP Bern) Gross-Neveu model at large N and large charge
29.3.2022 Fabio Apruzzi (ITP Bern) An introductory overview on higher-dimensional interacting QFTs
5.4.2022 Marc Gillioz (SISSA) Counting CFT states with the "a" anomaly
3.5.2022 Marcos Mariño (UniGe) TBA
10.5.2022 Johannes Broedel (ETHZ) TBA
17.5.2022 Donald Youmans (ITP Bern) TBA
24.5.2022 Nicola Dondi (ITP Bern) TBA
31.5.2022 Mohamed Anber (Durham) TBA